Becoming Adomaa: The Experience - Intimate Screening at The Stub Accra - February 26, 2023 4:00 PM - Buy Tickets Now

Becoming Adomaa: The Experience - Intimate Screening

Becoming Adomaa: The Experience - Intimate Screening

Alternative artist and actor Adomaa presents a one-of-a-kind event she calls ‘Becoming Adomaa: The Experience,’ a series of intimate screenings and performances based on her upcoming EP, ‘Becoming Adomaa.’

She carries viewers through what is a truly immersive experience of the project through film - from magical gardens to bustling circus grounds - creating a world to capture her story in a manner we have not quite seen here before.

Complementing the short film is a brilliant documentary about the events leading up to this current period of Adomaa’s life, and the numerous challenges encountered along the way. From cover singer to TV actor, the story of Adomaa is indeed a fascinating one.

Apart from the screenings of the film and documentary, each night will have an interactive session between the artist and the audience. 

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