Design Thinking Ghana Conference 2021

Design Thinking Ghana Conference 2021


Design Thinking Ghana Conference has over the years impacted a wealth of knowledge and positively affected the problem-solving skills of its audience in the advent of new media and technology, emergency situations and times of adversity through mini-workshops, educational activities, design charrettes and networking activities.

This year’s conference will focus on Design Thinking and the new era of online engagement. The unexpected circumstances surrounding the COVID’19 disruption has suddenly and completely changed how we operate in all areas; prompting and forcing us to adopt alternatives to our daily activities. Online as a modality of daily engagement has been thrust upon all and can no longer be considered an emerging reality. Until now, online engagement has been managed as a separate entity across many institutions in the world. The current reality presents us with simultaneously engaging both online and offline as an integral part of our daily living. This means successfully engaging the strategies that are presented with this new era on a daily basis.

It therefore becomes necessary and important to turn the variables that impact our success with the new modality; whether we will fully or partially resort to it. The online modalities can present different formats, synchronous and asynchronous, as well as the combination of the two. As we transition online, we need to reorient ourselves and reassess our methods and plans to better meet our goals and objectives. This presents us with diverse problems that need to addressed; hence the future of doing design thinking online and offline simultaneously. The questions therefore become; how do we successfully do Design Thinking both online and offline simultaneously, what are the variables to consider in engaging such an approach, what lessons can be learnt from what we have done and what others are doing, and what are the future projections of simultaneously doing Design Thinking online and offline?

Join us as we address these issues and equip ourselves with the knowledge and requisite information to develop the skills and expertise to live with the new modalities of our day-to-day activities under the theme: Exploring the hybrid format for design thinking (online and offline simultaneously)


Mr. Kofi Gyamfi, Employer Strategic Sourcing Analyst at Uniliver, Design Thinking Facilitator at Design Thinking Ghana Hub. LinkedIn:

Miss Emelia Ainooson, Communications Consultant with European Union, Oxfam and Brandason; Chartered Marketer and Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing - UK LinkedIn:


Dr. Gordon Adomdza, Associate Professor of Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship at the Business Administration Department Ashesi University; Founding Lead, Ashesi Design Lab; Co-Founder, Design Thinking Ghana hub. LinkedIn:

Mr. Kojo Dougan is an experienced Business Operations & Strategy Executive with specialized abilities in technology-related financial products and services. Kojo is Advisor to several Fintechs and startups and has coached some to win national and continental awards. He was the Project Lead in the scoping, customer engagement and product development of the Ghana NHIA digital renewal project that makes it possible for millions of Ghanaians to renew their national health policies via mobile payments. At Interpay where he was Head of Partnerships & Merchants, he played a significant role in positioning the company for acquisition by a US firm in 2018. In 2020, he was a Consultant to transform Bluespace, an OEM retailer to a fintech oriented entity and helped Finance Mobile, a software development tech firm, pivot into the fintech space. Kojo is a Certified Solutions Provider with 20 years experience in developing iterations and strategizing technology solutions for the private sector. He is a GIZ/Aya Institute Trainer of Trainer, charter Vice-President of Digital Finance Practitioners Ghana, a steering committee member of the Global Alliance of Digital Finance Practitioners, and a speaker at several local and international FinTech conferences and training workshops. As his social responsibility, Kojo is Director of the Wilhelmina Augustina Dougan Foundation and Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions; -  both nonprofits that contribute towards missions and orphans, and, towards youth IT skills development respectively in Africa.

Mr. Femi Adewumi is an IT professional with over 28 years of experience in the IT industry including at executive levels in multinational organisations, and in the telecoms and financial services industries. He has two MBAs and a Bsc. in Electrical Engineering. He is a certified risk manager and has many certifications including in Design Thinking and in emerging technologies. He has a strong technical background and is passionate about innovation. Femi loves sharing knowledge and is involved in a number of community projects to help address pertinent social and economic issues in developing Africa. He co-founded a startup for consulting on blockchain, AI and IoT. He also co-founded Developer Networks in five African countries and in India. He is Programs Director at MEST.

Mr. Prosper Tornyi is a 2021 UK IBRIE social impact finalist organized by IBRIE Foundation, UK. He serves as the Young Global Advisory Board Member of Share Africa as the Country representative of Ghana on the implementation of the Dream Machine and Hackathon competition ahead of the final plenary in France in July, 2021. An award winning 100 Faces of Impact Fellow, Impact Squared, UK - now Dalberg Media, an Electrical Engineer with interest in Sustainable Renewable Energy and Energy Policy, an SDG Advocate, and Entrepreneur in Accra,Ghana. He previously worked in operations with a startup organization as the Community Manager providing business supports, opportunities to startup founders, entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem for growth, to scale and remain sustainable. Prosper worked remotely with 10 Academy, Berlin, as the Community Manager for the data science program designed to prepare learners for the job market from across; Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia. Currently, he is leading and implementing sustainability strategies on skills development for YOTA Skills Hub in Ghana as the Curator (Hub Manager). He is passionate about project and sustainability, digital transformation, leadership, quality education, skills development, S.T.E.M. While he seeks to promote transformative leadership with youths at it core, he co-founded Proswrites Foundation to re-position mindsets and to raise generation of doers and change - makers in communities towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal. Through Partnership with ; BrainStore -Switzerland, R.E.A.C.H, Thread by Dreads Foundation, Tennessee, and working with Akwasi Frimpong, Dutch-Ghanaian sprinter, bobsledder, and 2018 Olympian on the Empowerment Convocation, Proswrites Foundation has inspired, supported and equipped students and youths in communities to discover themselves better and provide mentorship to hone their skills and talents. He hopes to see Africa unite to create an enviable continent with lasting solutions to Africa's problems. Prosper is the Outgoing Curator of the Global Shapers Community - Accra Hub and also a consultant for a sustainable fashion organization (Maakola) as the product traceability lead.

Miss Joana Chemel is a creative economy consultant who spends her time  working on programs and projects that creates opportunity and access for the African Youth. She is the Program Coordinator of the Ghana Design Network and a Design Thinking facilitator. She was the Project Executive with the International Trade and Development Sector previous worked for Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) and a Young Expert for the Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC) under the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Young Expert Programmes (YEP). Combining with her work in more traditional sectors as Agriculture, Services and Processing, Joana’s background in creative economy and international trade and development enables her to be actively involved in the development and design of Public-Private partnership projects, public policy dialogues, private sector enterprises, developmental partner roundtables as well as youth engagement and student related programs. She has engaged over 1,000 young entrepreneurs, women and girls, students and relevant stakeholders using Human Centered Design approach to build capacity, draw out experiences and write stories for various partners such as Netherlands Embassy, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, British Council, UNICEF, UNDP, PACT Ghana, MEST Africa and Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC). Joana is a passed finalist of CIMA Global (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), holds a Pre-MBA summer certificate from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS, Shanghai), and a BSc. Degree in Business  Administration from Central University, Ghana

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Design Thinking Ghana Conference 2021

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