Managing Orders on Ayatickets: A Comprehensive Guide for Organizer

Managing Orders on Ayatickets: A Comprehensive Guide for Organizer

As an event organizer on Ayatickets, managing your orders is a crucial aspect of ensuring the smooth running of your events. This guide will walk you through the various functionalities available on Ayatickets to help you effectively manage and keep track of your event orders.

Searching for Specific Orders

Organizers can easily search for specific orders on Ayatickets using a variety of filters. This feature enhances your ability to quickly find the information you need.


Reference: Search by order reference numbers.
Event/Event Date/Event Ticket: Filter orders based on specific events, dates, or ticket types.
Organizer: Find orders linked to your organizer profile.
From Date and Until Date: Narrow down orders within a specific time frame.
Status: Check orders based on their status (e.g., completed, pending).
Payment Gateway: Filter orders by the payment method used (e.g., PayPal, Mobile Money).

Exporting Orders

For record-keeping or further analysis, Ayatickets allows you to export order data in various formats. This feature is particularly useful for financial tracking and post-event analysis.

Export Formats

Excel: For detailed analysis and spreadsheet management.
CSV: Ideal for large data sets and compatibility with various software.
PDF: Best for printable records and sharing.

Actions on Orders

From the orders table, you have several actions at your disposal to manage each order effectively:

Order Management Actions

Print PDF Tickets: Easily print tickets from specific orders for record-keeping or attendee management.
View Order Details: Access detailed information about each order, including attendee information and payment details.

Managing orders on Ayatickets is streamlined and user-friendly. These tools are designed to help you, as an organizer, maintain control over your event sales and provide excellent service to your attendees. With the ability to search, export, and take actions on orders, Ayatickets ensures that you have all the necessary resources at your fingertips for successful event management.

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