Point of Sale Account

Point of Sale Account

Do you want to sell physical tickets at the event venue while still maintaining access to our system? Absolutely, you could do that.

The organizer has the ability to create point of sale accounts. These accounts allow the user to log in, produce tickets for each attendance, accept cash, and print out tickets for attendees.

A point of sale account is created by the organizer and assigned to event dates to sell tickets physically and get paid in cash at the event venue.

How can a manager create a point-of-sale account?

  1. Organizers go to the My points of sale section on left hand side menu on their dashboard.
  2. Click on the "+" button


      3.  Enter the:

  • Name of the point of sale
  • Username
  • Password

The organizer can:

Edit the account
Disable the account
Delete  the account

How can an organizer assign a Point of sale to an event date?

  1. Go to the edit event page
  2. Locate the Points of sale field
  3. Add the point of sale
  4. Click on Save.


How do a Point of sale sell tickets?

  1. Log in with the point of sale account
  2. Go to the Events on sale section
  3. Click on Show event dates and tickets
  4. Select the tickets quantity and click on Save order
  5. Optionally, fill in the attendee's name
  6. Click on confirm payment and place order
  7. Print the tickets

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