Check-In Accounts and Apps

Check-In Accounts and Apps

A scanner account is created by the organizer and assigned to event dates to scan tickets or grant access to attendees.

How I create a Check-In App account?

  1. Organizers go to the Scanner App > My scanners section
  2. Click on the "+" button
  3. Enter the:
    Name of the scanner

How do I delete a scanner account?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to delete a scanner account from your organizer dashboard:

1.Navigate to the Scanner App and select the "My Scanners" section.
2. Locate and click on the "Options" button next to the desired scanner account.
3. Choose "DELETE" from the dropdown menu to remove the scanner account.

Note: Remember that deleting a scanner account is irreversible, so ensure you wish to remove the account entirely before proceeding.

The organizer can:

Edit the account
Disable the account
Delete  the account

How can an organizer assign a Check-In Account to an event date?

1. Navigate to 'My Event' and select your event to edit.
2. Find the 'Check-In App Account' section.
3. Choose the desired scanner from the list.
4. Save the event. Ensure it's published and sales are active.

​How do I check-in attendees on event day

  1. Log in with the scanner account
  2. Go to the Events list section
  3. Click on Check in attendees for this event date
  4. Search for the attendee by Attendee name or email, ticket reference, order reference
  5. Click on Check in

    The same account will be used to log in the Scanner mobile application

Download the Check-In App

Click here to download the Check-In App from the Apple or Google Play Store

Video Tutorial

How to add a scanner account and sign in via the app

How to download the ayatickets scanner app

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