The Payout Request Process on Ayatickets

The Payout Request Process on Ayatickets

Navigating the payout process on Ayatickets is a key aspect for organizers to manage their event's financials effectively. This guide outlines the steps from initiating a payout request to receiving your funds.

Definition of Payout

A payout is an essential process for organizers to receive revenue from their events. This can be initiated via the Ayatickets website or through the Ayatickets Organizer App.

Payout Conditions

To request a payout, the following conditions must be met:

Payout Method: The organizer must have at least one payout method set up.
Ticket Sales: There must be at least one paid ticket for the event date.
Positive Revenue: The revenue from the event date must be greater than zero.
No Pending Requests: There should be no other pending payout requests.

Setting a Payout Method

Access Dashboard: Log into your Organizer Dashboard on Ayatickets.
Navigate to Payout Methods: Scroll down to the menu on the right-hand side, click on 'Payout' >> 'Payout Methods'.
Select and Set: Choose your preferred payout method and click on '+ Set'. Fill in the required details and save.

How to Request a Payout

Event Section: Go to the 'My Events' section in your dashboard.
Initiate Request: Select the three dots next to the relevant event, and choose 'Request Payout'.
Event Date Selection: Choose the specific event date for which you are requesting the payout.
Confirmation: Review the payout request details, select a payment method from your pre-set options, and confirm.

Additional Information

Large Payouts: For payouts above GHS 10,000, Ayatickets support will contact the organizer within 24 hours for verification before processing the payment.
Email Notifications: Organizers will receive email notifications once their payout request is processed.
Post-Request Procedure

Upon submission, the event date will be locked, and sales for that specific date will be suspended. Organizers may choose to wait until the start date of the event before requesting a payout. Payout requests can be canceled at any time before processing.

Preferred Payment Method

MTN Mobile Money: Preferred for quick processing, usually within 12 hours.
Bank and Other Mobile Networks: Payouts are processed within 1-3 business days.

The payout process on Ayatickets is designed to be straightforward and efficient. By following these steps, organizers can ensure they receive their event revenue promptly and securely.

Need Support?

If you have questions or need assistance with the payout process, our support team is here to help.
Contact: +233 55 941 6230

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