Pricing and fees

Ticket price percentage cut

Ayatickets charges only 10% of ticket price sold.

This will be deducted from each ticket sold online, upon organizer payout request.

This percentage will be taken from each ticket sold online.

Lets take an example:

An event is on sale for GHS 10 a ticket

An attendee adds three tickets to his cart for this event.

The checkout form will indicate that the attendee has to pay GHS 30 (10 * 3)

Now when the organizer request a payout after this sale,

The information will indicate that he will be requesting a payout with amount of GHS 27,

Ayatickets fee is GHS 3

And they are calculated this way: (10% out of GHS 30)

Please Note

This fee does not apply for free tickets. There are no charges.

Proceesing Fee using Attendee checkout is for networks and e-levy charges.

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