Got Questions?

Here a few frequency asked questions.
Do I need an account to purchase tickets?

No, tickets can be purchased on ayatickets immediately without an account. The only required  details are ticket holder name, phone number, e-mail address and payment credentials (credit/debit card or mobile money).

Can I get a refund if I can’t attend event anymore?

Unless stated otherwise in the published Terms & Conditions, tickets are non-refundable except in circumstances where the event has been cancelled.

Do I need to print out my tickets?

ayatickets facilitates electronic ticket checking for faster check-ins at events. However, if you feel there is a tendency of not being able to reach your electronic tickets in circumstances of fault or low power on your device, then it is advisable to print your ticket. ayatickets will be able to check-in printed tickets same as the electronic ones.

My ticket purchase is complete but I don’t have the ticket, how can I retrieve my ticket?

Tickets are sent directly to the email address provided during the purchase process. When you launch your email, check in your Promotions inbox in Gmail or Junk in other mail providers. If you still can’t find your tickets, please contact these numbers immediately, most preferably before the event date: (233) 020-345- 0905 | (233) 024-391- 1691 | (233) 024-319- 8858.

What happens when my ticket is stolen?

You are responsible for the security of your electronic or printed tickets. Email passwords should not be shared with any untrusted fellow and it would be appropriate to only print tickets preferably on the day or a day before the event. ayatickets bear no responsibility for a user’s inability to check into an event if his/her stolen ticket has already been used.

Can I get tickets at the event?

ayatickets is an online ticketing service, therefore tickets can be purchased from anywhere at any time. However, tickets are only available for purchased for as long as stock lasts, thus there is a possibility tickets might run out of stock during the event day. It is always advisable to purchase tickets on time, if you are certain of attending the event.

Do tickets expire?

Tickets are valid for as long as the event is ongoing. When the event is over, the tickets are respectively unusable again, which implies they cannot be used to future similar events.

How safe are my mobile payment credentials? is a secured website on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which encrypts data sent between browser and server. The payment gateway is also fully protected with the best of technologies to ensure credible transactions.

I want to buy tickets for someone, can I?

Yes, you can buy an e-Ticket for someone from ayatickets in two ways;
1. Enter the correct name, phone number and valid e-mail address of the person and pay for the ticket with your credentials. This will ensure a ticket with the person’s name on it is sent to their email address appropriately.

You can purchase multiple tickets in your name and payment credentials and forward their respective ticket(s) to them. However, there are risk associated with this method in case an unauthorized person checks-in with a ticket bearing your name, because it will be difficult to validate. Method 1 is mostly recommended.