Ghana Food Festival 2023 - Call for Food and Non-food Vendors

Ghana Food Festival 2023 - Call for Food and Non-food Vendors

About this event
Ghana Food Festival is a carnival that brings together food, arts, and entertainment enthusiasts under one umbrella.

The initiative seeks to promote Ghana and its culinary culture to the world. Additionally, it provides similar opportunities to international entrepreneurs and businesses.

The project is being held in partnership with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and has been endorsed by the Beyond The Return (BTR) secretariat as a "December in GH" event. 

If you're an entrepreneur or business owner that operates a food-related or non-food enterprise in Ghana and abroad and wants to introduce your business to the Ghanaian community and other nationalities in Ghana, then this is a great opportunity for you. 

Register for Ghana Food Festival 2023 happening this December. 

Benefits to derive from signing up as a Vendor:

Free advertisement and publicity of your business before, during and after the event on our websites, various social media platforms and via our traditional media partners.

Get a booth to market and sell your products/services to the event audience.

Networking and forming fruitful partnerships with other businesses.

Get new customers at the event and outside of it. 

Gain an opportunity to explore the Ghanaian entrepreneurial and tourism landscape, encompassing tourist sites, arts and crafts centres, etc.

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For registration / Sponsorships & Partnerships / Other enquiries

Call/WhatsApp us at +233556317400 or email us at


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Ghana Food Festival 2023 - Call for Food and Non-food Vendors

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