Efie - URL Shortner

Efie - URL Shortner

What is efie.co ?

logo.pngefie.co is a website tool shortening urls.

Infinite possibilities with just a single short link.

A simple tool but powerful for event organizers.

This tool allows you to seamlessly track your audience with simple and
easy-to-remember yet powerful links and provide your customers a unique
tailored experience.

A short link is a powerful marketing tool when you use it carefully. It
is not just a link but a medium between your customer and their
destination. A short link allows you to collect so much data about your
customers and their behaviors


  • Target your customers to increase your reach and redirect them to a
    relevant page. Add a pixel to re-target them in your social media ad
    campaign to capture them.
  • Share your links to your network and measure data to optimize your
    marketing campaign's performance. Reach an audience that fits your
  • Perfect for sales & marketing . Understanding your users and customers will help you increase
    your conversion. Our system allows you to track everything. Whether it
    is the amount of clicks, the country or the referrer, the data is there
    for you to analyze it.
  • Start your marketing campaign now and reach your customers efficiently with all the tools you need.

Use Efie for Free

The use of efie is provided at no cost to Ayatickets Event Organizer for a period of three (3) months.

Yup. That's the Way It Is!

After you have successfully published an event on ayatickets.

You can request an upgrade on your account by sending an email to support@ayatickets.com or via any of our support services.

During the first three(3) months, you will enjoy unrestricted access to everything of efie and all of its features.

Efie account creation can be started by clicking here.

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