How to Scan Tickets from the Ayatickets Mobile App?

How to Scan Tickets from the Ayatickets Mobile App?

Scanning tickets using the Ayatickets Mobile App is designed
for ease and convenience. To locate your ticket QR code, simply follow these


1. Open the Ayatickets Mobile App: Launch the app on your
mobile device and log in if you haven't already.


2. Navigate to "My Tickets" Tab: Go to the
"My Tickets" section, which is the second tab at the bottom of your


3. Select the Event: Browse through your purchased tickets and tap on the event
name you're interested in.


4. View and Expand Ticket: Once you've tapped on the event,
a list of all your purchased tickets for that event will appear. Tap again on a
specific ticket to expand it and view the details.


5. Find the QR Code: After expanding the ticket, you'll see
a QR code displayed prominently in red. This code can be scanned for entry at
the event venue.

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