Ghana Meet and Greet with Hayet Rida at Ritual - July 27, 2024 5:30 PM - Buy Tickets Now

Ghana Meet and Greet with Hayet Rida

Ghana Meet and Greet with Hayet Rida

Meet and Greet with Founder and Creative Director of Khoi, Hayet Rida.

Hayet Rida is a Ghanaian immigrant in the United States of America who has launched her successful jewellery brand called Khoi  

Hayet Rida imagined Khoi during her time as a content creator and creative strategist  After she was approached by a jewellery brand to collaborate and create a capsule collection which ultimately fell through, Hayet decided to make lemonade with the investments she had personally undertaken to ensure that the capsule collection reflected her fundamental values as it pertains to fashion and branding, by creating her own unique jewellery pieces .

Hayet Rida has since been running Khoi successfully with Khoi’s studio based in Chicago. With just two years under her belt, Khoi has found itself in the company of rainmakers in their respective fields such as Michelle Williams, Jordyn Woods, Fantasia Taylor, Sarah Jake’s Robert, Danessa Myricks, among others.

For Hayet, she creates her pieces based on where she currently finds herself in life and how she sees herself overcoming whatever obstacle she faces either in life or in her creative process. 

For Hayet, it is her aim to ensure that anyone who encounters Khoi to feel immersed in her mind with the pieces she creates and the space she provides for her customers, who she popularly refers to as Khoi Babes. Not only does she aim to create a deeper connection with the Khoi Babes, but her aim with Khoi is to foster a sense of community and sisterhood with her Khoi Babes. 

Hayet’s dream for Khoi is about taking big leaps and making her mark. Hayet’s prayer is that Khoi does no only live beyond her, but also that the women and men who wear Khoi become bolder, louder and more confident with each collection released  

Your ticket comes with a welcome drink, and a three course dinner with Hayet Rida of Khoi. After the dinner, there shall be a cocktail hour to end the night  

Upon purchasing your ticket, you shall be contacted to confirm your meal preferences from the menu options.

We hope to see you there!

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