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Media Kit

We have no doubt that effective marketing will play a significant role in ensuring the ongoing success of your events. Make use of the Ayatickets Logos and Badges in all of your marketing messages to successfully promote the availability of your event on the Ayatickets platform. Also, we have made a variety of professional and business tools openly accessible and free of charge to all event organizers. Look at them right here!




Press Kit

Ayatickets is an online ticket marketplace that provides customers with legitimate, fast entry to their chosen events. Buying tickets from us is the easiest and quickest possible experience; it takes only one click and may be paid for using mobile money or a credit card. Our organization supports event organizers, who are the people responsible for bringing people together to exchange ideas, art, and causes through live experiences. With Ayatickets, you can organize, market, and put on a live event with less effort and expense, while also expanding your audience and selling more tickets. We bring the Africa together through live experiences, such as music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, fundraisers, gaming championships, and air guitar contests.

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